Nicholas + Danielle

Finally, Nicholas and Danielle's wedding day arrived! I had the opportunity to film a love story video last fall for them to showcase at their reception, and had been counting down the days to their wedding ever since! 

The majority of their wedding day took place at Prairie Creek Inn, and their reception at the property's barn was completely dream-worthy. My favorite detail was Danielle's custom made, vintage inspired gown, which she kept a secret from her bridal party and her groom until the big day! You can also check out Danielle's journey planning her dream wedding on her blog, her tips are to die for!

I loved filming this day alongside the Mullers, who's wedding photography I have always been a fan of, I can't wait to see the images they captured of their day! HUGE shoutout to the incredible Jake Thacker, wedding photographer genius, who stepped up as my second video shooter for the day! 

Nicholas and Danielle I had so much fun shoot your day, you're a videographer's dream couple! Your love and affection for each other is effortless to capture on film! CONGRATS! Happy to hear that your first month of married life has been full of endless ice cream and Netflix binges! 



VideoAmy Lynn