I'm so excited for your day.

Let's get down to all the little details. I've created the form below so you can easily submit all the details of your day. I know some of this stuff we've discussed before, but I just like to be DOUBLE sure and avoid miscommunications. This way I"ll have all the details I need on hand with me on the day of your wedding! 

Before we get to it, just a few quick things to keep in mind:


+ Awesome audio for your ceremony video is a priority, so keep in mind that I'll mic the groom during the ceremony. So I'll need some time with the groom to get that set up before the ceremony starts!


+ Please make sure to give me five minutes notice before ANY speaking take place that you would like to have captured (things like toasts, and speeches). I need to be sure I have multiple cameras set up and am in place to record. Sometimes in the chaos of the day, I'm off filming something else and suddenly someone is giving a toast. Just a little notice is perfect. Also, I find building a schedule of the reception is a good idea, if we know what order things are happening at reception we can be prepared on our end for what is coming next, you can provide those details below.


+If you have a wedding schedule made up with your photographer, I would love to have a copy of it! Email it over! 

+We need 20-25 minutes to set up before the start of the ceremony where we are not expected to be filming something else, PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN BUILDING YOUR DAY. 

XOXO Amy Lynn



Please provide the actual address of your venue, this helps avoid miscommunication or bad GPS information.
Please provide the actual address of your reception.
Footage of you getting ready is super beautiful and I wanna be sure to capture it. Keep in mind locations with natural light (such as abundant window light) is best! But I can work with anything! Tell me where you'll be getting ready!
What time will the bride begin getting ready with hair and makeup? *
What time will the bride begin getting ready with hair and makeup?
Tell me when you plan to get started!
At what time does the bride plan to get dressed?
At what time does the bride plan to get dressed?
Will she be in the same place? A different address? Please let me know!
I'll be working side by side with them to capture your day, so I wanna be sure I introduce myself and know them by name!
This helps us set a good time for us to arrive.
Are you doing First Looks? Or waiting until the ceremony? *
What time is the ceremony starting? *
What time is the ceremony starting?
Please keep in mind we need AT LEAST 15-20 minutes to setup to film your ceremony!
Please let us know how long the ceremony will last approximately!
Awesome audio is a priority please let us know what to expect.
Do you have a party bus, and if so would you like one of us to ride from the ceremony to reception to capture those moments?
Please let us know if there is an additional location where photos will be taken, we like to take cinematic video during the photo shoot portion of your day, it makes your film that much more stunning!
Reception Details *
We usually head out a little after the main dancing begins and after all the planned special moments have taken place, please let us know which of the following are happening by checking those that apply!
Please type out the schedule of events for your reception IN THE ORDER THEY WILL TAKE PLACE. Example: Grand entrance, prayer, dinner, speeches, first dance, then cake cutting.
Let us know if your doing anything special we should be prepared for!
Bride's Phone Number: *
Bride's Phone Number:
Just incase I need to get in touch with you
Please list the name and number of someone who will be with you on the wedding day.
Groom's Phone Number *
Groom's Phone Number
Groom's usually get ready in another location, this is helpful incase I need to contact them.
Please list the name and number of someone who will be with you on the wedding day.
Shipping Address
Shipping Address
This is the address I will ship your final video to 30-45 days after your wedding date! Please let me know where I can ship it to!